Adobe asked me to be a part of their Adobe Remix program and I was asked to create an inspired version of the Adobe logo which was an expression of my own style, to first be launched at the 2018 Adobe Symposium India in Mumbai.

Since Indian Architecture has always been a huge inspiration for me as it has evolved through centuries, transformed by the forces of history creating a unique blend of different architectural styles, as it depicts the skills of Indian architects and Indian artisans, the design is a blend of my interpretation of Indian architecture and also an homage to the Indian architects and the Indian artisans who brought the designs to reality.

So, to create the design I have used elements from the old Indian architecture, such as Indian motifs, patterns, intricate designs as they are simply elegant and reflect cultural heritage of India.
Textures and Lighting
Initial Sketches
Adobe Illustrator was used to create 2d designs (splines) which then were used in Cinema4D
Rendered using Octane Render in Cinema4D
 Adding all the surface details like cracks, wall leaks, finer stone texture, etc. in Adobe Photoshop.
Special thanks to the Adobe team. 

Want to learn more?
Check out Q&A with Siddhant on Create here.
Read about the evolution of the design industry in India on the Adobe Blog here.

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